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Find your way and try to escape from this nightmare.



W - forward

S - backward

A - walk left

D - walk right

Left click mouse button to interact.

Updated 16 days ago
Published 19 days ago
TagsHorror, indi-horror-game, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror, Unity


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when i sleep.rar 170 MB

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Here is my gameplay 

It was good in some places and it others it was just not. There were jump scares, walking around, and little atmosphere, not a lot to explore. Pretty barren. However, it did get me a few times and I had fun with it. Good job!

Gotta say i couldnt last until the ending !

Pretty creepy I enjoyed it.

It's not too bad, but I got caught by the monster. I clicked "Retry" and found out we have to restart the whole level again, no way man... There's no point in having a "Retry" button if it ends up being the same thing as when you select the level and play from the start. Maybe have a checkpoint closer to the monster part? I can see myself failing again because we just move sooo slow... Apart from that it's quite ok and what one would expect from such games, a dark atmosphere, nothing overly creepy or scary though. I read you're still doing updates to it, I'm sure it'll improve greatly in time :)

Thanks for the feedback😁😁 yes i am doing a big changes to a game maybe i will changes the first scene. i will upload it soon. 

A little rough around the edges, but the scares will for sure get ya! I really like how the triggers to make you jump outta your skin were set up. I'm surprised, usually when the file size of a game is small, you can expect the gameplay to be much quicker. Maybe I dragged it out a bit, but it wasn't bing, bam, boom, and done. My only problem was trying to attempt to juke the guy coming down the red hallway. I'm not sure if this was purposely done, but the shift key actually slows you down, rather than sprinting. But either way, keep on creating Chixel!

Good work!

Looks SPOOKY to me


Where are you!

Very interesting game starts at 5:33

Добро пожаловать ко мне на канал! Посмотрите прохождение это игры у меня :)

First Game I played. My god, it scared me so hard

About this short game, it was good. enjoyable to play and the gameplay is posted on my channel for you to watch. Stay Awesome!


This short indie game is about exploring a nightmare in which you need to evade a dangerous creature at the end. 5/10
average. - Critiqued By JccGamer,
lol. Ok me and a pal of mine took a look at this game and even though it's a little rough around the edge I can see potential. And I like to see people grow so keep up the good work.

This was good! Definitely captured the feeling of being in a dream. I did encounter an issue when I was caught by the monster near the end where I couldn't interact with the restart menu, which force me to restart the whole game. Other than that, I enjoyed this! Good job! 


This game was great, start to finish. The background music, the pacing, the creep factor, the  jumpscares, etc. I enjoyed it very much! I like how there was a mini story throughout the entirety of it, although I was confused the first time around at the chase sequence. I also liked how choosing the wrong door results in a jumpscare lol, good job! 4.5/5 from me :) Gameplay at 0:51

Thank you for playing. The game is still updating for best gameplay😂😂

This game was really cool but really infuriating by the end lol. I think if you added more checkpoints and better instruction on where to go, via subtitles, it would have been a lot better. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for feedback 😁😁 i still updating the game and make more instruction during walkthrough and maybe more jumpscare😂😂😂

I think you did a great job of making it feel like a dream/nightmare. The areas are random and you don't know how you got there just like a dream. The monster got me a couple times.  There are couple things I don't understand, such as the clock not being set, or why there is a tombstone in the middle of a four way intersection? Overall the setting is nice, story is a bit lacking, monster is scary. Good job.

Thank you for feedback. I still improving the game and think about more puzzle to solve. 😁😁

great game please check out my play through below x 

thanks you for playing. The game is still improving for best gameplay😁😁

I liked the level design a lot, the non-euclidian layout messes with the players understanding. I felt like more could have been done , but for a first time horror game it's alright

It's the second game I played in this video

Wow thank you for playing . I still improving the game for best gameplay😁😁


Wow thank for playing the game really appreciate that😁😁 more powet to you channel

I wasn't ready for the first jump scare. It was creepy! Nice job!

Thank you for playing the games. And game is still improving😁

Cool game, not the best but still good. I played it before you updated it, but I still liked it. I'm willing to see you improve anyways!

Thank you for playing the game. 😁😁

I loved it! It reminds me of what a true nightmare could be! I really loved the tune that plays with the jumpscares!

Thanks for playing😁😁 The game is still improving. i think about more puzzle to solve.

Oh awesome! You're very welcome! I had a great time playing it. 

Hi, really cool game,  I enjoyed playing it, the only thing that I think can be improved are the blood writings, try to make them a bit darker, just like real blood. Despite that, good work! :D

Hey I featured your game over on my series "1 Game 1 Video" with some feedback at the end:

Great Work!

Thank you for playing😁 i still improving the game.😂

Hi, game is little broken. Last run is impposible, but i did it ((=


Wow Thank you for playing the game😁😁 yes i will fix some issue about the game and upload a new one. Thank you mentioning it😁😁

no download link

Sorry for delay😁 it is now available.